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A zero-dependency static site hosting service for hackers

Hey all

It's been awhile since we've made an official announcement.

I wanted to show a sneak peak of something I've been working on the for the past few months that I think many of you will enjoy using.

# enter is a zero-dependency static site hosting service for hackers.

I build a lot of projects that involve static hosting and became frustrated by how complicated it is in 2023. All I need to do is move files from my CI onto a server that can serve the files. It shouldn't be as complicated as it is on GCP, AWS, etc. And the ones that are marketed as easy (e.g. Cloudflare Pages, still require the end-user to install a tool first.

With the user doesn't need to install anything. Signup is as simple as SSHing into and creating an account. Creating new static sites is as easy as copying files to

To go even further, we have added features like instant promotion and rollback to make it easier to manage deployments safely.

The entire service can be managed via SSH commands. Pasted below is our help SSH command:

# get an invite

This service is in closed beta, but if you join our irc channel @ we will invite you to test it out.

# give us feedback

I'd love to read some feedback on this service, thanks!

# paid plan

If this service resonates with people, then we will consider a paid plan so we can make guarantees about uptime and service reliability.

Join our irc on libera or email us at

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