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We are switching from allowlist to denylist
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Hey everyone!

After a handful of conversations on IRC, we decided our pgs allowlist was far too narrow and limiting to the point where it impacts the UX of our service.

As a result, we are going to switch from an allowlist to a denylist.

# what does this mean for my site?

# denylist

We are denying any file or files inside a directory with a . as its first character. Because all files uploaded to pgs are public-by-default, we felt like the right thing to do was deny any and all dotfiles.

At the moment this denylist cannot be modified, but following soon will be the ability to change this denylist in cases where it doesn't quite fit your use case.

# when will this change take effect?

We plan to deploy sometime on 2024-04-05

You can track the status of this change in our Github PR.

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