pico+ now accepts global payments

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We updated pico+ to accept from payments around the world
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Hey everyone!

We are excited to announce that we have switched payment processors and can now accept payments outside of North America.

This has been a work in progress ever since we launched pico+. Because of the legal restrictions to sell software services internationally, it was prohibitive for us to sell to pico users outside of US and Canada.

In particular, if we want to sell pico+ to users in the EU, Mexico, and elsewhere, we would need to create a tax registration for each country. As we spent time investigating VAT, One-Stop-Shop, and the different tax regulations country-to-country ... we quickly came to the realization that this is not something we want to spend time on. We want to spend our time on building amazing products and services.

Upon reflection, this is one area where joining a donations platform could have been a little easier on us. Ultimately we want to provide web services which feels more conducive to a typical monthly model, but it definitely made us think twice about our decision.

So we discovered that we can leverage a Merchant of Record who will shoulder the tax burden for us.

We originally investigated MoRs a few months ago by signing up with paddle. However, they rejected our application without being able to tell us why.

Thankfully, when we applied to lemonsqueezy last week -- another MoR -- and they accepted our application. Within a day we were able to switch from Stripe to them, success!

Thank you to everyone who messaged us about adding support for other countries, it motivated us to find a solution.

# So what's next?

We don't want to provide a subpar service for any pico user. Currently, all of our services live inside Ashburn Virginia. We aren't committing to anything yet, but we are investigating how feasible it would be to make pico services multi-region. If our services feel slow to you, let us know, it helps us prioritize our work.

That's it for now, thanks!

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