Status update Jan 17 2024

· team pico


We are excited to announce a brand new docs site

Merging all of the various services and documentation into a single site has dramatically reduced the amount of copy/pasting and helped us provide a flow for getting started with pico services. It also makes it easier for users to discover all of our services, some of which aren't super well known.

With this new docs site we are sending a message to the world: we are here for longevity and there's more to come for the pico ecosystem. We are positioning ourselves to build out even more services that we want to use.

We are seeing an uptick in engagement on IRC which is awesome. If you are interested in our daily happenings then we recommend you join -- and use our IRC bouncer!

Something that keeps weighing heavy on us is Engagement is low, usage is low, and we fear we might need to shut it down. I think ultimately we didn't reach "product market fit" for the service and is competing too aggressively against using it.

Right now our biggest goal is to get to general availability -- which requires payment. We cannot provide static site hosting for free and further even if we did the service would suffer.

We are also working on a central SSH app to make it the primary onboarding flow for new users. It will integrate with all our services and be the home for account management. When it is ready we will announce it here.

That's it for now, thanks for staying engaged!

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