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writers can now tag posts for prose and lists

We just launched a new feature for both and that allows bloggers to add tags to their posts.


2title: Tag support launched
3description: writers can now tag posts for prose and lists
4date: 2022-08-02
5tags: [feature, announcement]


=: title Tag support launched
=: description writers can now tag posts for prose and lists
=: publish_at 2022-08-02
=: tags feature, announcement

When tags are added to a post, users can see the tags on a post. When a user clicks on a tag, it will take them to the writers main blog page, filtering posts by the tag.

Right now we only support filtering posts by a single tag, but we want to hear from you if you'd like to filter by multiple tags.

Filtering by tag is also supported for RSS feeds. For example: rss?tag=feature

This feature was important for us to implement because we are going to leverage tagging for a new service we are building which is a premium image hosting service. Creating photo albums will created by tagging images. Since we are implementing it for we decided to back port it to and

We are beginning to bear fruit for our monorepo architecture that we discussed in our previous status update post.

# fin

We want to hear from you, so let us know what services or features you think we should work on next.

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